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    How to check the battery when buying a Macbook

    How to check the battery when buying a Macbook

    When buying a used Macbook it is a good idea to check the quality of the battery. If you have to replace the battery it can add around 2-4000THB to the cost. Checking it can be done via the software!

    1. Click on “about this Mac” and select “System Information”
    2. Under the hardware section you will see POWER, select this.

    Here you can check a few important details like, Cycle Count. This indicates how many times did the Mac charge to 100%. According to Apple the average lifetime is around 1000. Furthermore check if the condition shows “normal” and when connecting the charger you get an orange light and it says Charging: Yes. Doing this before buying a used Mac can save you cost in the process. If you see the battery message “replace soon” then it might be a good idea to re-negotiate the price

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